Annual Taiwan-US Military Dialogue -Monterey Talks and intelligence collaboration【台美蒙特瑞會談】軍情局長楊靜瑟首獲邀列席 CIA盼與台合作對中國情戰 Up Media: Geostrategery and Taiwan Republic classrooms


If this report is accurate, that the US (CIA) invited Taiwanese Military Intelligence to collaborate directly with the CIA, then this is good news. The Taiwan Ministry of National Defense is the least democratized and most requiring of revolutionary changes in Taiwan’s national government, and the intelligence agencies are even more so. Anything that key democratic allies of Taiwan can do to help Taiwan’s national security apparatus democratize and modernize will do as much to deter a Chinese communist invasion as weapons and increased defense spending. This is also where strategic clarity on the part of the US will help greatly. 21.9.2022

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