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Taiwan to purchase NASAMS for Air Bases 美國同意軍售NASAMS防空系統 空軍重啟「天隼二號」力拚排入2024年預算 Up Media: Geostrategery and Taiwan Republic 台灣国 classrooms

據指出,今年6月20日在美國馬里蘭州安納波利斯(Annapolis)舉行的台美高層對話「蒙特瑞會談」(Monterey Talks)中,美方主動向我方說明,為強化我中低空防空系統的戰力,同意出售由挪威康斯堡防衛與航太公司(Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace)和美國雷神公司合作推出的「國家先進防空系統」(NASAMS)的第三型改良;因中科院陸射劍二防空系統提供陸軍做為野戰防空系統,目前生產線已飽額,而空軍急需提升東部佳山與台東基地,以及台北等機場的中低空防空系統的防衛能量,經政府高層同意後,空軍重啟「天隼二號」專案,並於8月底赴美進行訪商與現地勘察防空系統運作等各項作業,返台後已著手進行武器獲得建案需求文件的撰寫,在年底前提出整體獲得規劃書後,排入2024年的國防預算中。這次美方同意出售的NASAMS防空系統,也是美國現役部署在華盛頓特區周圍,用來保衛首都空域的利器。該系統最初是以結合MPQ-64「哨兵」雷達及AIM-120先進中程空對空飛彈(AMRAAM)為基礎開發的陸基版本,射程可達25公里,高度範圍可達 14-15公里。NASAMS系統第二和第三型改良版陸續加入了Link 16的軍事網路連線功能,並能選擇使用AIM-9X Block II型「響尾蛇」(Sidewinder)飛彈、德製IRIS-T短程防空飛彈,或是AMRAAM增程版(ER)等不同彈種。

If this report is accurate, that the US will sell more than four batteries of the NASAMS to Taiwan Republic for Taipei, Hualien, Taitung, and CCK Air bases, the system itself is fine. Two things to note. Taiwan’s domestic military production has a technological and a production bottleneck. I am worried about the Chinese communist’s ability to infiltrate critical information on Taiwan-developed weapons. What Taiwan’s domestic weapons development has lacked, and this is related to the unsteady and contradictory US policies, is the ability to focus on systems and platforms where Taiwan has the most technological advantage, and leave the other systems to imports. A cursory review of what Taiwan has tried to domestically develop over the last two decades shows a catalog of everything and anything – many items, advanced torpedoes, and next-generation jet fighters, probably do not make sense; while other items, drones, and unmanned vehicles, guided antitank missiles, long-range counterstrike missiles, could have used more focus and investments.

But then one could and should do the same thing with decades of contradictory American policy. Take a peek at the list of major weapons the US sold to Taiwan for the last few decades and it is difficult to create a coherent national security narrative out of them. The F-16A/B with Sparrow missiles instead of the F-16C/D because? Why the Kidd class destroyers and not AEGIS/VLS destroyers/frigates? Why did the US actively obstruct Taiwan’s attempts to acquire submarines for decades? The underlying mistaken premise – that Chinese communist military ambition can be managed by DC, that if the communists decide to invade and annex Taiwan it will be because Taipei and/or DC “provoked” such a decision, has infused America’s decisions on what weapon systems can be sold to Taiwan. This is where short-range systems like the NASAMS represent that continued mistaken notion from the US – “defensive,” “not provocative,” “short-range/point defense,” – while lacking a consistent strategic and tactical vision. Given limited defense resources in Taiwan, Japan, and the US, do the short-range NASAMS belong in the top ten missiles Taiwan Republic must purchase now? The answer to that depends on the level of strategic clarity and commitment the US provides to Taiwan and other democratic allies in this region. 28.9.2022

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