Geostrategery and world history classrooms: Taiwan Republic, RIMPAC, and the Postwar US Navy Maritime Empire

Geostrategery and world history classrooms. It was never primarily about Taiwan Republic. It is always about the maritime empire built and maintained by the US Navy, and the Chinese Communist challenge to this order. Every seaport and container line that has been infiltrated by the Chinese communists. From Europe to the Indian Ocean. From the Pacific to the Atlantic. From the Panama Canal to the Suez Canal. The western fallacy re: Ukraine and Taiwan Republic mirrors perfectly. It presupposes that the dictators of Moscow and Beijing value-weigh things the way we do. It asserts that if only Ukraine and Taiwan and other frontline democracies would disappear/surrender, then things would be OK. Even when the dictators and Moscow and Beijing say it in plain words — they have, repeatedly — that after Ukraine the Baltics will fall; after the Baltics Poland; after Taiwan Japan; after Japan west and south Pacific — venerable voices in western academia, think tanks, and press would do anything but acknowledge these plainly spoken words. This is a world war, an all-domain, multifaceted war — the main battlespace is conceptual — wherein one side knows exactly what the war is, and how to fight it; while the other side lives in this fantasyland, refusing to acknowledge the world war is well underway, since at least 1980. 11.8.2022

RIMPAC 2022 Sets Stage for Interoperability with U.S., Allies:

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