Geostrategery and journalism classrooms: Information warfare and stop being useful idiots.

Geostrategery and journalism classrooms. Information warfare and stop being useful idiots. I pay so much attention to information warfare because the major bad actors — Putin’s kleptocracy, American fascists, and the Chinese communists — employ similar information warfare tactics, and western journalism, academia, and other liberal democratic institutions are slow to respond — and in many cases, become force multipliers for enemies of democracy.

Case in point, the Chinese communist narrative amplified by western journalists and academia, that Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan Republic is “provocative.” And to be cookie-cutter about it, the US congressional delegation that just landed in Taipei is “also provocative.” Not only have US and global legislative delegations always visited Taiwan. If this narrative is accurate, which is more provocative — these administrative 737s flying into Taipei? Or, this understudied moment from June 2021 — during the height of the vaccine crisis manufactured by the China CCP and China KMT, three US senators flew directly from a US Air Force base in South Korea to Taiwan’s Songshan Air Force Base — on a gigantic C-17 strategic transport.

Wasn’t the message the US delivered to Beijing and the region clear enough? The US military may land in Taipei anytime it wishes. What carried three senators in 2021 could easily ferry hundreds of main battle tanks and thousands of soldiers. In the realm of messages deemed ‘provocative’ to the hypersensitive Chinese communists, if we follow Chinese communist and western media and academia narrative, which ought to have provoked a barbaric Chinese communist military response?

Big picture/important lessons — compare western media and academia amplifying Moscow, fascists, and Beijing disinformation and propaganda, and understand that the crisis of western liberal democracy is not that our enemies are that strong, but that we are muddle-headed and ineffective in protecting our own democratic values. 16.8.2022

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