Japan, Taiwan Republic, US Navy, preserving the Taiwan Strait ‘status quo’: Geostrategery and journalism classrooms.

Eight Japanese Coast Guard vessels recently sailed into the Taiwan Strait, ostensibly to avoid the typhoon. It’s a very Japanese gesture, refined and civilized — eight is a lot, typhoon gives the snow-flakey Chinese communists a facesaving excuse. Look at a map of the region and ask yourself: Does this make sense? Then connect these dots: the 2022 Chinese communist missile tantrum, their firing of communist missiles into the Japanese EEZ, their unreasonable claims of the entirety of the Taiwan Strait as Chinese communist territorial water, and the two US naval cruisers sailing in formation with Taiwanese naval and coast guard vessels, what should we surmise? I have a folder of reports of US, Taiwan, and Japan coast guard vessels in the South Pacific for the last 12 months — no way they are not coordinating their work in that region. 6.9.2022

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