World history and geostrategery classrooms: Taiwan Strait ‘median line,’ and the 2022 Chinese communist missile crisis

World history and geostrategery classrooms. The ‘median line’ dividing the Taiwan Strait was drawn by the US military. As are the Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean ADIZs. Experts and politicians have a vested interest in complication and being confusing – cutting through all the jargon and acronym, from before the end of the Pacific War, the US Navy considers Taiwan and Pescadores within its first island chain. And given the nature of the postwar global maritime empire enforced by the US Navy, everything else (One China Principle v. Policy; Hundred Years of National Humiliation; Formal and informal relations ….) is secondary. Now that the Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly challenged the US Navy Taiwan ADIZ and the Taiwan Strait median line, watch what the US and Japanese Navies do next.

This current Chinese communist missile crisis is not just, or even primarily, about Taiwan, and it certainly has little to do with Speaker Pelosi. It is about the Globalization 1.0 order breaking down. It is about the Chinese communists challenging the maritime global order imposed by the US Navy. It is about dictators Putin and dictator Xi’s domestic calculation that a poorer and disconnected from the global democracies reality is better for their dictatorship preservation. Watch India (joint US-Indian maneuver near the Chinese communist border), Sri Lanka (financial crisis caused by the Chinese communists and US-India reaction), Africa, South Pacific (Taiwan, Japan Coast Guards and navies, and the US Australian forces), Korea (THAAD and chips), Japan (Chinese communists not recognizing Japanese EEZ, a normal constitution), Philippines, and ASEAN nations. China Threat is another way to say a Third World War – a geoeconomic and geostrategic global struggle – my reading list in just five days has taken me, following American, Taiwanese, Japanese, European, and Chinese diplomatic and military officials, jockeying for positions in these critical areas.

Also, often missed inside the US are the connections between major domestic-geoeconomic policies of President Biden and the China and Russia threats to the US. Pay close attention to the massive bills President Biden and the Democrats have passed – pandemic relief (social welfare safety nets, income inequality, reigning in domestic oligarchs), infrastructure, CHIPs, Inflation-Climate (education, democracy enhancing supply chains, defunding the Chinese Communist Party and re-funding American and allied democracies) they are slowly beginning the trend to reverse four decades of deliberate defunding of American democracy, 1980-2022. American and allied geoeconomic policies are the most critical front in the world war to prevent strategic corruption, and win this war against the China Threat. 10.8.2022

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