World history and geostrategery classrooms: The 2022 Chinese communist missile crisis and connecting the global dots

Geostrategery and world history classrooms. Connect the dots. Important to understand reports of planned US-India joint military maneuver near India’s border with China, US-Japan military planning on a Taiwan ‘contingency’, alongside US Forces RoK General’s comments this week on his forces’ ability to respond to Chinese communist’s aggression against the Taiwan Republic. The Chinese communists menaced South Korea this week on its THAAD missile defense program. The free world is responding not merely because of “Taiwan tension,” it is beginning to understand that the China Threat is systemic and global.

This is why it is important to pay attention to the report that the Chinese communists plan to continue menacing maneuvers across the Taiwan Strait median line. If this occurs, US and Japanese naval assets will be permanently stationed inside-near the strait – it will be yet another Chinese communist paradox, perhaps their greatest since their interference in the Korean War in 1950 which brought the US Seventh Fleet into the Taiwan Strait. This is not just about Taiwan, this is about the global maritime empire led by the US Navy. And crossing the Taiwan Strait median line (invented by the US military!) is just the latest in the Chinese communists challenging the US naval world order– claiming the South and East Seas, claiming Taiwan Strait, closing off the Yellow and Bo Seas. 9.8.2022

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